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RCC 6 Results: Schlemenko Tears Down Andrade; Frolov Back on Track

RCC Boxing Promotions put on another quality production directly on Youtube. RCC 6 was a treat to watch from the Traktor Arena in Chelyabinsk, Russia. And capping off the show was perhaps the most freewheeling fighter in the country, Alexander “Storm” Shlemenko. Across the cage from him was man no less wild in his fighting approach, Viscardi Andrade of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Alexander Shlemenko def. Viscardi Andrade by third-round TKO

Shlemenko threw down with his Brazilian challenger in the opening round—not without consequence.

Schlemenko touched his man up with hooks and spinning heel kicks. Andrade though was as ready to bang, flinging spinning back fists after wildly missing winging right and left hooks. And up close, the Brazilian made his power felt, crippling Shlememko with a right hand. The Russian was rocked here and there, sent reeling in close quarters when the Andrade got a hold of Shlemenko and stuffed a number of right hands to the side of his head.

Toward the end of the stanza, Shlemenko shot a takedown and nearly secured it but the momentum bounced both men off the cage and Andrade landed directly on top of him.

The Russian took over in Round 2, commanding the center of the cage. Two minutes in, a spinning heel kick ricocheted off Andrade’s head.

Depleted, Andrade shot a takedown which Shlemenko easily thwarted, proceeding to pin the attacker to the mat. He let Andrade back up, looking to finish the affair on the feet.

For the rest of the action, Andrade abandoned his brawling ways, continuing to circle away from conflict, tracing the outline of the cage. The hometown fight threw his hands in the air, desperate for an answer as to why his violent friend no longer wanted to play.

The drama played out no differently for the majority of the third round.

Determined, Shlemenko began to chip away at Andrade with hooks to the body, timing them so as to catch the shuffling fighter as he moved side to side. Finally about 90 seconds to go, Schlemenko stepped in with a piercing knee that sapped whatever Andrade had left. His victim began to fold over and an overhand right veered to the back Andrade’s head and the Brazilian went down for good.

Andrade, 35, was 1-1 in the last calendar year. He was previously in the UFC where he went 3-1 before a brief hiatus in 2017.

Shlemenko, 34, is closing in on 60 wins in his career, upping his record to 59 wins against 12 defeats. This punishing victory was well needed. After a three-fight losing skid, he’s scrambled together back-to-back finishes.

Artem Frolov def. Jonas Billstein by second-round KO

In the co-main event, Artem Frolov (12-1) got back track as he crushed Jonas Billstein (20-7-1) in two rounds. Once the sport’s most promising middleweight prospect, Frolov lost a ton of steam after falling to Bruno Silva for the M-1 title last year.

On Saturday, Frolov began the fight how he would end it, sharp shooting one-two combinations. His initial target was Billstein’s midsection. A straight left hand met its mark on the visiting German’s chin before Frolov changed levels to the body with a right hand.

But after eating few more of these combos, Billstein resorted to sound kickboxing. He targeted Frolov’s legs and body. They weren’t murderous shots but enough to steal the first round.

The opening period must’ve made Billstein too comfortable because early into Round 2, he tried hooking with Frolov. Naturally, for his trouble Frolov stretched him out.

Billstein stepped in with a left hook, which Frolov let glance off of him and simultaneously returned a left hand of his own—finding Billstein’s chin—and as the German was shifting out and way from his man, Frolov dinged him with a right hook.

The shot looked effortlessly but that’s what supremely accurate punches will do. Lights out. The referee immediately jumped in to call the bout, less than 20 seconds into the second period.

Rest of the card

Anton Vyazigin def. Wagner Prado by third-round TKO
Nikolay Aleksakhin def. Jonavin Webb by unanimous decision
Pavel Gordeev def. Shane Campbell by unanimous decision
Victor Henry def. Nikita Chistyakov by first-round TKO
Denis Lavrentyev def. Joriedson de Souza by second-round submission
Aleksandr Grozin def. Diego Marlon by first-round knockout
Joilton Santos def. Artur Karavaev by unanimous decision
David Kozma def. Alexey Shurkevich by unanimous decision
Irina Alekseeva def. Zlata Sheftor by first-round armbar


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