Korean Zombie Resurrects Title Dreams With First Round TKO

Chan Sung Jung, rebounding from a devastating knockout loss in his previous fight to again enter the title picture, was all smiles after finishing Renato Moicano at UFC Greenville.

For a 58-second fight, a lot happened. A lot was resolved—a lot, resurrected and reestablished.

Jung, aptly nicknamed the “Korean Zombie,” attacked Moicano’s legs, floored the surging Brazilian, and worked a rear-naked choke attempt, all before stamping out his man on the ground from dominant position. The quick succession came instinctively to Jung, who with ease transitioned between the multifaceted nature of mixed martial arts, on the feet and the mat.

“That’s what I’ve been practicing,” Jung shared after the fight to correspondent Michael Bisping. When the former UFC champion asked who the victorious featherweight wanted to meet next, Jung was game as always.

“It doesn’t matter—anybody Sean Selby matches, I’m good to go.”

With the destructive performance, Jung brought back to life his days as featherweight contender and championship hopeful.

“One-hundred percent, that’s his goal,” Jung’s coach Eddie Cha said via The Athletic. “That’s what he’s always wanted.”

“He’s got unbelievable timing. There’s some things that you just can’t teach, and I think he’s got that,” Cha expanded on his fighter’s performance.

Eight years now since his UFC debut, it is easy to imagine the sour feeling Jung’s had after his failed attempt championship belt back at UFC 163 and watching Jose Aldo be dethroned. Especially stuck in South Korea with mandated military service.

Worse were the feelings following the the buzzer-beater Yair Rodriguez hit him with in his previous fight. Jung was a single second away from gaining a decision from the ringside judges before Rodriguez delivered a knockout never before seen. The shot left Jung in a pile of human protoplasm—unconscious, victory stolen from him.

So it was an emotional ride back from that, Jung confessed. Which is why it would be hard to find a brighter smile in South Carolina following his quick finish. He was a welcomed guest—his name vociferous in all directions after he evaded a lackadaisical jab from Moicano to rip an overhand right across his man’s face; the Brazilian hit the deck and Jung pounced on him.

The TKO made Jung the only featherweight in promotion history with two knockouts in under a minute. The Performance of the Night he earned makes for seven post-fight bonuses in his UFC career (spanning just seven fights, no less). That’s tied with Cub Swanson and beltholder Max Holloway for the most in divisional history.

Jung, 32, finally has a winning record since returning to the UFC after serving in the military. All five of his UFC wins are by knockout or submission. The 30-year-old Moicano has dropped two in a row, stopped for the third time in his career.

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