Thiago Santos Is the Only Contender Left for Jon Jones

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What more can be said about Jon Jones (24-1)? His skill is unmatched. He easily dominated Anthony Smith (31-14) at UFC 235. At no point did Jones seem to be in trouble. Smith is an excellent fighter but he is just not in the same class as Jones. So what now?

Jones has refused to entertain a fight at Heavyweight unless it involves Brock Lesnar. That does not seem to be happening, at least not any time soon. A third fight with Cormier is pointless in so many ways. Jones has already beaten him decisively twice. If we stay strictly in Jones division then it would be very difficult to find a name that Jones has not already beaten. You would also have a hard time picking a worthy opponent. Welp ladies and gentlemen that’s it. This article is over with. No one is good enough to challenge Jones.

Well, actually there is one name out there that holds plenty of intrigue, Thiago Santos (21-6). Currently on a four fight win streak with three of those coming via stoppage, Santos has looked terrific. Jones is quite possibly the best fighter of all time. You don’t get to that status easily. Jones has an assortment of ways that he can beat his opponents. Santos, however has one game changing trick up his sleeve, his power. Of his 21 victories 15 of them have via knockout. It is safe to say that he has dynamite in his fists. With there being no other contenders in the division Jones needs a fresh challenge. Santos could provide him with just that.

UFC president Dana White would agree: “I love the Thiago Santos fight… I love that fight. I would love to see him versus Jon Jones.”

Would Jones be expected to win? Of course. But could Santos change the course of history with one punch? You better believe it.

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